Memory Palace

Writing 101 – Day 2, A Room with a View

She closed her eyes, then everything went dark. A small light turned on. She took a step and looked to both sides. The light was dim, however she could see some paintings hanging on the walls, some of them contained familiar faces, the others contained places she had visited a long time ago.

She smiled, looked forward, and continued walking along the hall… each step turned on a new light. She could not hear a sound. Her steps were slow and calm, her breath was steady. Suddenly she heard a whisper, which turned into a harmonic sound and after a while she realised they were strings smoothly played by a bow.

The entire hall was dimly lighted. She had finally reached the end of it, and in front of her an imposing wooden door was taking form. It was extremely detailed, so magnificent that she could not find a single word to describe it. She stared at it for a couple of minutes, and thought about all the wonders hidden on the other side.

She stopped thinking and just acted: she opened the door and entered into the new space.


Background music: Downton Abbey – The Suite


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