A bright soul, a pure heart

Writing 101 – Day 6, A Character-Building Experience

People used to hate him, and he could not possibly understand the reason for this. The villagers used to say he was a monster, an abomination. They forgot that he was just a child, and they chose to see only what lies deep inside him.

He was alone, living in the dark until they came to him: a man and two kids, a father figure and two siblings. They did not care what people could think of him. They accepted him, loved him. They taught him that your choices and actions are what determine who and what you are.

He never gave up, he had a dream and fought for it. He worked hard to achieve his goals. He exceeded people’s expectations as they always expected the worst from him: another tragedy, thousands of deaths. The villagers were astonished, they started to realise that he was not a monster, but a human being, one of their own.

Over time all the villagers cared for him, his health, his well-being, his feelings. And when the evil came, he gave all his strength to defend the people. He saved them, he became their hero: a man with a bright soul and a pure heart.


One thought on “A bright soul, a pure heart”

  1. I like it. I don’t remember the assignment quite well but the description is well thought out. I also liked how you connect the ending with the title.!


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