A letter for Mr. Time

Writing 101 – Day 14, To Whom It May Concern

Dear Mr. Time,

Everything has changed. The Universe is bigger than we initially thought. Our Earth is getting warmer. Internet has made our lives easier and funnier.

The clock is moving, and we are constantly changing. Some of us have things that only existed in our parents’ dreams.

I have grown up. I am a contemporary adult with a good job and many responsibilities. However, I would like to do more with my life. I would like to travel around the world, taste new flavours, comtemplate other colours, change a life, fall in love with an amazing man… Oh Mr. Time, I have a wishlist! There are so many things I still want to do. But forgive me, we are not here to talk about the future, it is not the place nor the time for that. We are here so I can tell you that it does not matter, you can destroy everything within the next second.

I have felt joy and pain, I have experienced happiness and sadness. I have had a great life. So, no regrets Mr. Time, you do not have to apologise. You will bring different kinds of things to my life and I will take them all.

That is all I had to say. We shall not talk again. Take care Mr. Time.




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