Losing you

Writing 101 – Day 15, Your Voice Will Find You

We were so happy. We fought so hard to get a wonderful life.

I was waiting for you to come home, but you never did.

They arrived at our house and told me that there had been an accident. I could barely think, I took the kids with me and went to see you.

When I arrived a nurse took the kids. A doctor approached me. He made me sit down, looked into my eyes, then told me that your brain had died, that nothing could be done to save your life.

I understood I had lost you. My mind went black. However, I knew exactly what I had to do: take you off life support.

The doctor guided me to your room. We entered, then he left us alone.

You were lying on the bed, as if asleep, but you were not, actually you were not there, only your body remained.

I sat down next to you. I closed my eyes and heard your voice telling me: “you are the love of my life. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you”.

I cried.

I opened my eyes and looked at you. What would I tell the kids? How would I explain this situation to them? How would I pick up the pieces? How would I put them together and make them work?

Life is so cruel. What did I do to deserve this? We were supposed to grow old together, but you are not here anymore, you are not going to come back.

I want to be brave, for our kids, for me, for you. I will do my best, I promise you. Everything is ok, there is nothing you need to worry about, we are going to be fine.

It breaks my heart, but… I am ready to let you go.

Goodbye my love.


Background song: Chasing Cars by Sleeping at Last

Inspired on Grey’s Anatomy episode: How to Save a Life


3 thoughts on “Losing you”

    1. I am glad you liked it.

      Fortunately, it is not a personal situation. I wrote it based on the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode.

      I like to describe fictional stories. However, there are days on which I write personal stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

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