Give up, give in

You lost him, then you lost yourself. Darkness consumed you. Pain and sadness surrounded you. You let yourself fall into the abyss. You were in a hole, so deep, so dark. And I wanted to help you, I wanted to save you from yourself. However, you did not let me do it. You hid your heart, you kept it away from me.

I used to say I would never give up, that I would never give in, that I would fight for you forever. Now I realise I was being naïve and idealistic. I just found out I have a breaking point.

I tried to show you a wonderful world, for years I tried. God knows I fought hard. Even so you are just there, living in pain, rejecting my help. And I do not want to save someone who does not want to be saved. I am tired, I do not know what else to do. I give up, I give in.

This is it. I am taking my leave. I will let you do what you always wanted: be alone, let your demons eat you alive.


Background song: How to Save a Life by Nilu


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