Far away

You are my everything… Even now, when we are in two different countries.


Prompt: One-Liner Wednesday – Works for Them!

Family by Kamaljith K V is licensed under CC BY 2.0


Aquí conmigo

Yo quiero proponerle a usted un abrazo, uno fuerte, duradero, hasta que todo nos duela. Al final será mejor que me duela el cuerpo por quererle, y no que me duela el alma por extrañarle.

—Gabriel García Márquez (1927 – 2014)

Almost forgotten

This space is a small piece of me. It is hidden in plain sight: first I put it in a corner then I turned the lights off. Some days I remember it exists and still nothing happens, words do not come to me…

…Perhaps inspiration has been wiped out from the universe.


Background song: Verano by La Oreja de Van Gogh