Let me be brave

How would you face the raven?

How would you act when the time to die comes?

What would you do when everything is over?

Would you run? Would you hide?

What would you do at the end?

Would you be a coward? Would you be brave?

She changed, she became reckless, she thought it was a clever idea, she did not consider the consequences. So here we are, the point where everything fails. There is nothing else to do. There is no a way out. The raven is coming and nothing can stop it.

No more.

Death is here. Death is imminent. Do not run. Face the raven.

She breathes, she walks toward it, she whispers: “Let me brave, let me be brave”. Then all lights fade away.


Inspired on Doctor Who episode: Face The Raven

Video: Doctor Who: Goodbye Clara Oswald


…Fue en medio de la noche cuando fue consciente de él. Una idea que empezó como un susurro en la oscuridad, un suave murmullo del viento. Una idea que tomó forma, se convirtió en pequeñas agujas tallando su pecho, una incomodidad intermitente. Una idea que se hizo carne y puso su corazón en llamas…


Foto: “Loneliness Marc Nadal Love Sadness 12” por Marc Nadal está licenciada bajo CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The end of time

The moment is coming. You must decide what to do. You look determined, but you do not know what it will cost you. You have no idea how painful it will be for you.

You are trying to convince yourself that there is no other way, you must commit genocide, kill thousands in order to save millions. That is not a good reason, that is not a reason at all. You cannot justify such sin.

You are willing to become a monster, to bear the weight of the world on your shoulders. You are not prepared for that. You will break. You will regret it for all eternity.

You will not be able to live with yourself after this.